a door is a door

So lets hang it like a window! Yup thats what I said. So that old hutch that I took the doors off. See a few post back. Well needless to say I have repainted and hung it like you would an awesome barn window with chippy paint. (That was what was supposed to go in the space but I have yet to get my hands on one of those antique gorgeous panes of glass.)

So to answer your next question, yes it was that nasty want to be oak color with black speckles of paint that I think was supposed to make it look more authentic. I painted it with my favorite chalk paint and then put it back together. The hubby hung it up for me and it really did help with the entry decor. (Thats another post from a few entries back). Needless to say a few changes and it’s looking better all the time.

I’ll prove it. Here are some photos and I’ll include my fancy hanging door a.k.a the window with chippy paint in my dreams.



Table switch out. Door hanging. Eventually this wall will be completed.im just not sure with what. The wall is huge. It’s jn one of the original post.

Happy DIY’ing

Garbage & Recyling

Okay I promise this is my last post of the year. I believe I am caught up with all the projects done during the holiday season.

Let me say good grief and what a huge pain in the arse that garbage and recycling was in our kitchen. We had a stainless steel can with a step lever for the lid. It’s no where near big enough for a day and as for the recycling, well it accumulates in a paper bag, on the counter, in a row on the floor next to the said bag and anywhere else the kids will put it till I am screaming and asking for the 56th time for them to take out recycling.  One day is all it takes to build up in a family of 6.

Needless to say I found a cute bin on Pinterest. Yes time time void website. LOVE IT! Somedays more that others. Any who I found this bin and have been wanting my hubby to help make it for about 3 years. So finally he designed it on his computer and started lying it out.

One trip to Ace, and 2 trips to town, Home Depot and Lowes and finally we have everything. We needed a new tool as well so out total topped out about $175.  It was not a cheap project but well worth the money spent. There were no directions on how to build this specific one that I could find so we winged it. I’m sure there may have been easier ways to do things but it is done and looks super fab in the nook in the kitchen and it gets rid of all the over flow of  recycling. In all it took a full weekend to build and paint.

So here it is, start to finish. IMG_5284.JPG






See? It’s so much better than the before picture which I did remember to take for once but am not posting  because run away recycling everywhere is embarrassing.  Let me know what you think fellow DIY’ers. Have you built one? What did you do different? Wanna try it?


Blanket Ladder DIY

It’s been a busy month and I haven’t updated forever so with that being said be prepared to be bombarded by post in the next few days as I play catch. With projects, family, holidays, vacations and life there just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

Today’s DIY was a quick blanket ladder. It took maybe an hour to make including staining it. I love quick projects. Instant gratification is nice on occasion. Especially after some of the projects I did this last month.

The ladder I had some extra planks laying around so I showed my husband what I wanted and he put it together. I had most of it cut already. I love it. I think next time we will angle the ladder sides so it “v”‘s in more at the top and give it more the vintage look.

SO it happened

I went to my little craft fair that was at an elementary school. My booth cost a whooping $10. Needless to say I was completely prepared. Signs ready, photos ready, car packed and leaving when it happened. (I was sharing a booth with a friend. Emphasis on “was”) Anywho, she let me know 45 minutes before we were to be there that she wasn’t going to make it. She had taught art classes that day and by the time she was done she had a migraine and she was done with school. LOL! I can’t blame her.

At that point I was a bit nervous. My daughter volunteered to come with me to help me and thank goodness she did, I wouldn’t of made it through the 2 hour show without her.

So this wasn’t just a little craft fair, it was also a school function for Halloween. So we were giving out candy, there was pizza, snow cones and all sorts of yummy sticky sweets. Kids and adults were everywhere all dressed up for the fun. Meandering around going booth to booth looking at everyones goods and collecting candy.

As i was watching kids run around (literally run around my booth and others), I started pushing everything back on my table. My daughter and I were catching items as children and adults tried to squeeze between tables instead of going around. Children covered in yummy sweets touching and picking up every single thing. Parents yelling don’t touch as the child puts it down to only pick up another. For 2 solid hours. (Now I love children, I do, I have 4 of my own. I know they they get sticky and smelly, and slimy. However most of these children had no MANNERS. A lot of them were old enough to know better). There were a few very sweet children that used manners and talked to the adults running the booth that made up for it though.

However it happened. One young teen ran between the booths and dragged her hand along my items, and whoosh, just like that one of my arrows went flying. Needless to say it didn’t stay airborne long not being an made as a proper arrow should. It did land tip down like an arrow should though. The sound echoed through the cafe, the arrow broke into 4 different pieces. The child continued running and the lady in the booth next to me seemed to need to confirm to me it was broken. LMBO!

As I was saying earlier, the booth cost me $ 10, and one broken arrow and that was all that I got. NOT ONE SALE. Not that I expected any really. I am grateful my daughter went with my not only to juggle my items but to keep here mom company, we laughed and despite the broken item we had a really good time together.  On a side note, no one there sold anything. I did get a lot moms onto my Facebook and IG page so hopefully I get some business from that. It was the experience though.

So DIY’ers, don’t be afraid to fail. It will happen. Just roll with it and then move on. Thats what I intend to do. Here is our set up photo with my lovely sidekick.