Tick Tock

So we have this wall clock. Nothing fancy but it’s a good clock. I bought it when it was on a  discontinued item sale. I had a lot of compliments on it and I liked it but… it seemed everywhere i turned in town it was there.

Like this thing was the thing to buy. It was in the nail salon I go to. In a few homes I looked at that were for sale, in a friends house, in a classroom, the local froyo shop, restaurant, and the list goes on. I don’t live in that big of a town.

So being that it was a sturdy item and worked well I decided to give it a new look. A wall clock makeover if you will. Being that my style is farmhouse deco this didn’t really match any longer any ways. So I painted it white. Shocking I know right. Like if that didn’t surprise the pants off you the next one will. Wait for it… Then I used chalk paint and put on roman numerals. I told you.

So needless to say it is now an Angie “original”. Like so many other clocks I have seen. I bet theirs doesn’t hang slightly off kilter though. Memo to all  you who decide to do this. Make sure your hole on the back and your 12 on the front are lined up…perfectly. It helps to make it look asthetically pleasing and makes it easier to read. Now it looks like Salvador Dali has been to my house. At least until I can get my hubby to put a new hole in the back.

Anyways here’s the before and after photo. I wish I would remember to take a photo before I actually start working on a project. I had taken the hands off the clock  already when I took it. The hands were a bronze color. Instead of repainting them I flipped them over and have them on the silver side. I wasn’t sure at first but it matches the appliances and kitchen scheme well this way.



Creative Space

I’m not talking about the area where I do my crafts and projects. My favorite space in my home is actually outside on my patio when it is cool. The curtains block the sun from blinding me and allow me to sit her with and blog or Pinterest. In the evenings it’s where we gather to chat. The kids love it out here. We play games, listen to music and laugh. Sometimes my husband and I come out here for a little us time. We have strung up beer garden lights that my husband found on sale at Ace Hardware a few years ago. The wicker furniture was a bonus/gift from my husbands work. So really this area was very inexpensive to set up. Wicker furniture can be expensive but I really suggest craigslist and yard sales if that is what you want. The pillows were World Market from this last summers sale and  I also had a birthday coupon for so less than $12 for the 2. My youngest loves tic, tac, toe so I made a permanent piece to eliminate paper being left outside floating around or having the dog eat it. The curtains were cheap bedsheets that are using shower clips all from Target. Less than $40 and the rod is painted and something extra we had lying around.

I bought cheap sheets instead of outdoor curtains and blinds for several reasons. We live in Arizona where there weather if very brutal believe it or not. Out door fabric fades much faster here in the sun that anywhere I have ever been. It just can’t hold up more that 2 years from our experience. So why spend that much money? The blinds turn into shards everywhere between the sun eating the material and the wind destroying them. I have seen that first hand. Anything to heavy hanging would probably get ripped off the walls and leave a big holes in my stucco. The sheets can be tied back very easily as they are  super light so if we forget the most likely won’t cause the damage the heavier fabric could in the wind. Yes they fade quickly but I plan on replacing them probably yearly. Thats fine. They are cheap and and can switch up the colors easier if I get bored of teals. Mostly they are light enough to let the breeze come through.

Now for Tic, Tac, Toe. DIY! Its so easy. Wood bought at JoAnnes. Already owned paint. Cost me $5. Its funny because so far everyone has enjoyed playing it even though we know when we start it will end a Cats Game.