Point Me in the Right Direction

I’m shooting for the stars. I got the arrows to prove it…and that brings me to today’s project. 

Arrows. They are all the rage right now and being we live in Arizona seems like a good thing to incorporate into our decor. I am a proud Arizonan. 

Aren’t they adorable? Also because they didn’t take as long As I thought they would I had time for an extra project. I have wanted to make one of the following for so long. I just haven’t. When I finished painting it, well let’s say perfect was a discriptive enough word for me. Can you guess what I made?

Yup, another pumpkin. I know I have issues and I should probably talk to someone about this obsession, but how can something this cute be so wrong? 

Crafting Momma

My vintage city farmhouse walls were virtually bare except in two places that I claimed years ago when we moved in. The rest I would just stare at wide eyes and intimidated. Vaulted cielings✔️long dividing walls ✔️ to busy to deal with it✔️ I just don’t want to mess up ✔️

So needless to say I bit the bullet. It was time. 3 years in and I just can’t take it any longer. So the last 5 days I have been crafting to slowly add to areas of our city farmhouse.

I wish I could say I had original ideas but alas, that ship sailed with child number 3 when sleep took hold. I am naturally a very creative person. I can take something I have seen and typically make it just like it or even tweak it better to work for us.

Let’s just say Pinterest is my BFF. If you haven’t been there then don’t start now, it is a time paradox. You hop on for one thing and 3 hours later you have pinned 178 different thing you like or want make but yet some how still have yet to get to what you started lookin for. Plus it’s 3 hours and I swear it was only 10 minutes. Or maybe that’s just me. 😂

Needless to say, I can make pretty much anything and when I have the majority of stuff I need lying around it makes me smile. I really don’t like to spend money on things I know I can make. I’m a type “A” and maybe a little OCD as well so those just don’t mesh well.

So here is where my crafting adventure took me this last week. From seeing, to painting and a little wood working in between. That’s what makes my heart smile.

So where am I putting all this stuff? Well my areas are slowly coming together but I’ll share some progress photos. As I am also always looking for others photos to see how they do it as well.

See what I mean about huge walls? The others are worse in this room as they go up to the second floor. Beautiful, but hard to decorate. 

Stuff It

The other day I stumbled across a stack of old clothing and fabric. One sweater was one from when I “borrowed”  it from my husband, which i did often when were in our 20’s. Another was a favorite white sweater of mine that is almost as old. So obviously I just couldn’t get rid of them or donate them. I could however repurpose them.

I had some pillows stashed away taking up valuable real estate in my closet that  I have been meaning to give new life to for quite some time.

So wah-la. Today’s projects. Sweater covered pillows. Easy and pretty fast.  They are so fun and soft and love how much charm they bring to the room.

I really didn’t want to toss the sweater remenants so I came up with a fun idea with fall around the corner. Sweater pumpkins. I really have a slight obsession with pumpkins and leave them out year around. Now I will be selling these little charmers as well so you can soften up your fall decor.

a Growing Family

     Today I was in tears. My family is growing. When I finished my project it was exactly what our growing family needed. No we aren’t having another baby. I made a growth chart. One that I can cherish forever.

     When we moved from our home in Wisconsin I left behind a section of wall that meant the world to me. It had my kids growth chart from the 9 years we were there. When we did our last walk through I realized I didn’t have any of the information. I cried. A picture would not be helpful. It was a wall with lines, names and dates. 

Flash forward to last Christmas. Our tenant that is renting the house sent me an excel file that had all the measurements, names and dates. He must of spent hours on it. Again tears, but tears of joy. Today I finally made and hung the wall chart. All that’s needed is adding the information he sent me. Again more tears.

     It was hung in the loft where the kids spend a lot of time with friends, watching tv and gaming. I will eventually finish the area with some black and white canvases of the kids on the wall. 

     I think my heart just sighed…

Long Weekend projects

So this weekend was a long weekend with the kids and school and I honestly thought I would get a lot of my DIY’s done… but Scott ended up having to leave a day early for his trip to Germany. (Remember I told you he travels for work a lot) So I didn’t get done what I wanted, but if I am honest with my self I did finish a lot of other things.

This weekends DIY were simply to repaint a few pieces, and it was so blasted hot outside I ended up throwing down a painters tarp and doing the majority in my living room. Which worked out well because the pieces were in the living room.

So the tall wood rack we bought at IKEA about 10 years ago. It has been inside, outside, and repainted more times than I can count, it’s warped, ugly and I really do like it. The entertainment dresser (is that what that is called?) any who, we bought that when we got to Arizona about 5 years ago in the panic of “our move is over and we have no furniture!” This piece was a cute piece but it was black and for some unknown reason it was always full of static electricity. Yeah, weird I know. Anything that would pass by or float in the air would stick to it. (memo to self- google it and find out what causes that.)  I noticed it when we first purchased it. I thought maybe it had to do with packing, but nope. Now that it’s painted it seems to have coated over whatever was causing it. So thats a bonus to it just looking super shabby-chic.

The old rack my daddy gave to us. Told me to make it into something I would use.

So more Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Pure White. And one can of Satin white spray paint.


Maybe next weekend is another long weekend. Maybe I’ll get to the other DIY’s then.