GoNe FiShIN’

Sorry guys. It’s almost summer here. Kids are out of school in 2 weeks.  I am done. It’s to hot to work in the garage any longer. One of the draw backs of living in Arizona. So when that garage hits 100 I am not even thinking of working in there. Right now it’s 90+ in by 8am. So I will see you when the kids go back to school in August.  I have a few more indoor projects of 80’s cabinets to tackle. Time to enjoy summer with my kids.


Don’t Talk to Me

Seriously I don’t like it when soicitors come to my door. It happens a lot. Or at least it was. One or two a day for weeks in the spring. Usually I ignore the door if I don’t know the person. My dogs drive me bonkers though. Solicitor rings the door bell and I have 2 dog bells that go off for another 3 minutes. Trust me it is the longest 3 minutes of my life. So with that being said the next project was born.

Solicitors, lets face it. It’s weird. A random stranger at the door asking me personal questions to get to know me to sell me something I most likely do not want or need. With that said here is the sign. By the time I put it up I had 2 neighbors ask if I could make them one as well. LOL! Of course.

(It’s been 2 months and not one solicotor since)

The 80’s Called and They Want Their Cabinets Back

Seriously my house and these ugly cabinets. It is just to much for me. They are everywhere I turn. I had them in the kitchen. The first big project I tackled. They were in the laundry room, fixed them too. However they are still in 3 bathrooms and 2 hall storage closets. At least now one more hall can be checked off that list.

I use Annie Sloan chalk paint. I don’t use it because I get paid to talk about it. I use it because it is so easy and I don’t want to try more paint, waste money and my time, I don’t want to make paint either. I just want what works, and it works for me at least till I am shown something better or easier.  If you got either let me know.

So this is on our main floor in one of the main halls of our home. I wanted this project done quickly. 1 day.  That is all I had the time for and patience for. Summer is coming. Schools going to be out soon and I will be on hiatis with the kids. There will be no more projects till they return in August.  So my blog will be gone for a few months after this post too. Sorry y’all. I am not Wonder Woman enenthough I could rock her outfit. Lol! 

So to start I took the cabinet apart, took off the hardware and the molding. Wiped it down with white vinegar and then prepped to paint. It took almost a day to get on enough coats. I’m not sure but I seemed to put it on really super thin this time around so of course it took a bit longer with more layers. Typically it is 2-3 light layers. Sanded it with 400 grit, it’s silly smooth, then threw in some Annie Sloan wax. Needless to say it is done and I love it. Yes, it is distressed. As is the rest of my house and my life. LOL! No you don’t have to distress it with this paint. I just find it is easier to live more care free in my O.C.D bubble with 4 kids, 2 dogs. I distress things so the kids can’t ruin them.😂

Destination Anywhere

The Commitments was a new movie back in the day when my hubby and I first started dating in highschool. 25 yeats later and we still listen to the soundtrack, me probably way more than him but I am a sappy music, hallmark movie loving girl.

Todays sign is to commemerate our meeting and added a little fun but incorporating the a favorite song from that era and movie.

Google maps is my best friends most days when I go out and about into Phoenix or pretty much anywhere out of my little town. My husbands jokes and calls me directionally challeneged. I’m lucky I know what way is up but if I didnt have cellular data I would be perpetually lost. This is not a joke. I have GPS in my car and on my phone.  For example, I took a bad left and ended up lost in Compton on a visit in Los Angeles when I didn’t use GOOGLE.

I need GOOGLE maps. Need them like we need air to breathe and water to drink. Anyways this isn’t an advertisement for Google but I am going to talk about a cool feature. When you go into maps you can get Latitude and Longitude Coordinates as well as directions.

So needless to say these coordinates lead to house I lived in when I was 16 years old. Where I met my hubby on my patio for a “blind date” set up by friends. We lived in California at that time and had I been a resturant with a sign that said, “no shoes, no shirt, no service.” He would of been out of luck. As it was I thought my friend had lost her mind. He was everything I didn’t know I needed or wanted and I can’t imagine life without him. To reiterate the point here we are 25 years later. So this sign was for us. Our anniversary.

Happy 25th Anniversary my love. Were may have started at this point but I will follow you to any destination as long as we’re together.

Tick Tock

So we have this wall clock. Nothing fancy but it’s a good clock. I bought it when it was on a  discontinued item sale. I had a lot of compliments on it and I liked it but… it seemed everywhere i turned in town it was there.

Like this thing was the thing to buy. It was in the nail salon I go to. In a few homes I looked at that were for sale, in a friends house, in a classroom, the local froyo shop, restaurant, and the list goes on. I don’t live in that big of a town.

So being that it was a sturdy item and worked well I decided to give it a new look. A wall clock makeover if you will. Being that my style is farmhouse deco this didn’t really match any longer any ways. So I painted it white. Shocking I know right. Like if that didn’t surprise the pants off you the next one will. Wait for it… Then I used chalk paint and put on roman numerals. I told you.

So needless to say it is now an Angie “original”. Like so many other clocks I have seen. I bet theirs doesn’t hang slightly off kilter though. Memo to all  you who decide to do this. Make sure your hole on the back and your 12 on the front are lined up…perfectly. It helps to make it look asthetically pleasing and makes it easier to read. Now it looks like Salvador Dali has been to my house. At least until I can get my hubby to put a new hole in the back.

Anyways here’s the before and after photo. I wish I would remember to take a photo before I actually start working on a project. I had taken the hands off the clock  already when I took it. The hands were a bronze color. Instead of repainting them I flipped them over and have them on the silver side. I wasn’t sure at first but it matches the appliances and kitchen scheme well this way.



I want my blankie

So today was a cold, rainy day in Arizona. It was a nice change and the perfect day for me to break out my DIY project that was put aside for a day just like this. I had a box of Merino Wool calling my name. If you have not used it, it is amazeballs. Super soft and warm. I got mine on http://www.Artizenhomes.com There were tons of colours to choose from and you can buy the blankets already made if you don’t like diy.

So today I turned on the Hallmark station, had a cup of hot peppermint tea and went to work arm knitting. Now do not be intimidated by the thought. I have never arm knitted until today and I had the complete project done within 2 1/2 hours. It might of been quicker but I was OCD when I was casting on and kept starting over. Needless to say i have a wonderful blanket now that is perfect for cold weather.

Posted below are photos of my project and wool. Before and after. Now that I have done it once I want another. lol!

a door is a door

So lets hang it like a window! Yup thats what I said. So that old hutch that I took the doors off. See a few post back. Well needless to say I have repainted and hung it like you would an awesome barn window with chippy paint. (That was what was supposed to go in the space but I have yet to get my hands on one of those antique gorgeous panes of glass.)

So to answer your next question, yes it was that nasty want to be oak color with black speckles of paint that I think was supposed to make it look more authentic. I painted it with my favorite chalk paint and then put it back together. The hubby hung it up for me and it really did help with the entry decor. (Thats another post from a few entries back). Needless to say a few changes and it’s looking better all the time.

I’ll prove it. Here are some photos and I’ll include my fancy hanging door a.k.a the window with chippy paint in my dreams.



Table switch out. Door hanging. Eventually this wall will be completed.im just not sure with what. The wall is huge. It’s jn one of the original post.

Happy DIY’ing