vintage City farmhouse

Hi there everyone. Welcome to my page. I’m Angie and I am a city girl with a country girl heart. I will scream when I accidentally find a spider,  I love being close to the city bustle, love traveling to the beach, going to museums and seeing shows…but truth be told I spent the majority of my childhood in the country. I climbed trees, played in the creek out back, chased after frogs and lizards, still screamed at spiders,  went to the county fair, helped with the farm animals, layed in fields and made dandelion wishes and rode my bike carelessly down empty, potholed streets and absolutely loved to go horse back riding. Wait… I still love those things.

5 years ago we started a new adventure. We traveled from our then home of 9 years in Wisconsin to come back across the country, to Arizona this time. We were on a deadline. Scott (the husband) had to travel for work again the day after we arrived.  So we packed up 2 vehicles, 3 adults, 4 children, 2 dogs and a fish which was packed neatly in a Starbucks cup. Hours upon hours of driving each day and skipping the fun road trip stops. To improvise I would point from the SUV and yell things to the kids like, “There’s the St. Louis Arch!” “Hey Texans really do like there stuff big, look at the size of that cross!”

Finally on day 4 we rolled into Arizona on the hottest day of the year. 117 degrees and I smiled and thought, “it’s good to be home”.  1 year later we bought our house.

This is the same house that I am stumped with at times trying to it make home. The house is very large. Vaulted ceilings and lots of work. There are so many thing we would like to fix that are to expensive at the moment. So it’s up to me to be inventive. In other words to DIY the crap, sorry,  the “proverbially” out of it. Good thing I am an active DIY’er.

Now I want my two very different worlds to collide. My home will tell the story. This is how I created my “vintageCITYfarmhouse”.



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