30 sleeps till X-Mas…and GO!

I went from having  Asthma to Pneumonia in early October. I was sick for a solid 4 weeks and it has taken weeks to even recover from that. My energy isn’t the same even still and I haven’t done hardly any of the projects that I had intended. I am not a patient person and it is hard when I want things done and have plans and to put them off  that long. Honestly it kills me emotionally. So now here we are 30 sleeps till Christmas. I have alot of my Christmas projects to do and I still have 2 boys birthday parties that need to happen. They were due back in October but I was to sick.

So to kick off the holiday season I started with some homemade ornaments for our Farmhouse Style tree. I crocheted some of the cutest little stars in beige and white. Added some home made word working ornaments. (there is still more to be done) and it looks so cute. It might be my favorite tree we have.

Oh yeah. Remember my Pumpkin issue? Well  trees are another one that I have. We have 8 trees we put up in our home. Each kids has one,  the husband and I have one, one in the living room, loft and family room. Thats not including the little ceramic trees and patio tree we put up. Now let me say most of these trees are 3-5 feet. Only one is 8 feet and the other 12. So maybe it’s a holiday issue I have. LOL! I’ll post photos of each tree later. Maybe now I can get back into the swing of things and get to posting! Happy DIY-ing!

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