Schools back and so am I! 

3 of the kids went back to school earlier this month. It has taken a lot to adjust to the schedule again. No one wants to get up early and they all want naps still. Which is comical because I have teenagers and a pre-teen. 😂 Now that things are settling down I am settling in with a few projects to paint, mostly indoors still as it’s still 100+ degrees here daily. So you can understand my unwillingness to be building in a garage that’s 10 degrees hotter than the temp. 

So about 14-15 years ago I purchased a clearance item from Target. (My favorite store.) It was a small plain black hall table to go in our then very small home. It caught things like my purse, mail, keys, hubbys hat, keys and wallet and the kids papers that they needed to give me from school. So fast forward to now and it doesn’t really match our style any longer. We no longer have the small cozy house where it tucked away nearly in the corner. Now it was in the kitchen on the wall, and becoming an eyesore. Remeber I told you it was plain and black and not our style any longer. So I painted it light grey so it blended a little better. It still didn’t fit though. It was a small price for the wall. I refused to get rid of it though. It’s actually really is a good solid piece of wood and well built. So I do what everyone does. I went to Pinterest. Lol. Going through my “things I want to make” list. There is was. A table I had discussed with hubby about a year ago. I don’t need to do it from scratch. Just repurpose the one I have. 2 days later it was painted, wood was stained and added and my new hall table is no longer understated. 

Photos below are before and after. I don’t have a photo of  it before it was painted. It was always tucked in a corner. 

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