The 80’s Called and They Want Their Cabinets Back

Seriously my house and these ugly cabinets. It is just to much for me. They are everywhere I turn. I had them in the kitchen. The first big project I tackled. They were in the laundry room, fixed them too. However they are still in 3 bathrooms and 2 hall storage closets. At least now one more hall can be checked off that list.

I use Annie Sloan chalk paint. I don’t use it because I get paid to talk about it. I use it because it is so easy and I don’t want to try more paint, waste money and my time, I don’t want to make paint either. I just want what works, and it works for me at least till I am shown something better or easier.  If you got either let me know.

So this is on our main floor in one of the main halls of our home. I wanted this project done quickly. 1 day.  That is all I had the time for and patience for. Summer is coming. Schools going to be out soon and I will be on hiatis with the kids. There will be no more projects till they return in August.  So my blog will be gone for a few months after this post too. Sorry y’all. I am not Wonder Woman enenthough I could rock her outfit. Lol! 

So to start I took the cabinet apart, took off the hardware and the molding. Wiped it down with white vinegar and then prepped to paint. It took almost a day to get on enough coats. I’m not sure but I seemed to put it on really super thin this time around so of course it took a bit longer with more layers. Typically it is 2-3 light layers. Sanded it with 400 grit, it’s silly smooth, then threw in some Annie Sloan wax. Needless to say it is done and I love it. Yes, it is distressed. As is the rest of my house and my life. LOL! No you don’t have to distress it with this paint. I just find it is easier to live more care free in my O.C.D bubble with 4 kids, 2 dogs. I distress things so the kids can’t ruin them.😂


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