I want my blankie

So today was a cold, rainy day in Arizona. It was a nice change and the perfect day for me to break out my DIY project that was put aside for a day just like this. I had a box of Merino Wool calling my name. If you have not used it, it is amazeballs. Super soft and warm. I got mine on http://www.Artizenhomes.com There were tons of colours to choose from and you can buy the blankets already made if you don’t like diy.

So today I turned on the Hallmark station, had a cup of hot peppermint tea and went to work arm knitting. Now do not be intimidated by the thought. I have never arm knitted until today and I had the complete project done within 2 1/2 hours. It might of been quicker but I was OCD when I was casting on and kept starting over. Needless to say i have a wonderful blanket now that is perfect for cold weather.

Posted below are photos of my project and wool. Before and after. Now that I have done it once I want another. lol!


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