Making myself Sick

No it’s not some weird DIY on how to get sick. We have been super busy here and had an illness run though as well. The husband was traveling and I was juggling being a taxi for the kids for school, music lessons and sports, then this last weekend we had a soccer tournament. Talk about heat exhaustion. So if that wasn’t fun enough through in a few sick kids. So I have literally got nothing done in the last week.

To be honest I am super nervous now too. I have my very first craft fair this week. Nothing huge it’s just a school thing but still. It’s MY FIRST CRAFTING BOOTH! Did I mention I got nothing for it. Scotts been in the garage all day cutting wood for me to do my thing. I was laying on the couch all day with a migraine and upset stomach. I am hoping this bug is a quick thing like it was for the kids.

I have been working on a list of crafts to make. So I can hopefully get some orders as well. I feel like Santa with my list some days. I am a list person. I carry a notebook with me. I love writing and I love list…almost as much as pumpkins. I get the list making from my dad too. He was always having me write up list for him when he was working and I was spending the day with him. Grocery list, work list, to do list at home, to do list at the shop, ect… Now I have my  own list. Lots of them My grocery list, my- I want to make list, I need to make, home improvement ideas, gift ideas, and on and on.  Seriously pages of list but I love checking things off. I may be a bit OCD.

So laying on the couch is getting my no where today. This week is crammed with things that need to be done before Friday (according to all my list) not including the craft fair items.  So I am stressed a little, sick a little, a little nervous and exhausted just from last week.

I hate wishing a day away. Even if it is a bad day. Seriously though I am looking forward to Saturday being here and having a little down time. Hopefully everyone is feeling good by then, self included.

So if I am missing for a little while I apologize. I will get back to the DIY here. I promise. Hopefully with a lot of good news from the craft fair. I’m off. Wish my luck and happy DIY’ing.

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