DIY Sweater Pumpkins

So sweater pumpkins. Love them right? I have made a few batches of them so far. I really wish I would have taken photos when I made them. So if you need more info please feel free to comment. Hopefully next time I make them I will remember photos. So here is my explanation on how to make them.

I usually get 2-3 pumpkins out of an arm depending on what size sweater and if it was form fitting and tighter knit.

  1. Cut off sleeve
  2. Turn sweater arm inside out.
  3. Cut arm in half or thirds. (what ever you think will work best for size.
  4. Take larger end of cut part, bunch it together and tie it off with string really tight about 1.5-2 inches up. (I go around it several times so that the sleeve can’t pull out)
  5. Turn right side in
  6. Stuff it with material, beans or filling. (I used fiber filling form Walmart.) until you get it the size and shape you roughly want.
  7. Know here comes the optional part. You can either tie off the top with ribbon, burlap, or twine of some sort and call it quits.  Or you can do the following.
  8. Stuff the top of the sleeve down into the pumpkin and make a tube like opening.
  9.  Needle and thread. you are going to do a basic stitch around the top of the pumpkin/       inside edge of that tube and the pull and cinch it shut. (it gives it a nice pucker at the top of the pumpkin.)
  10. You can either use cork, doweling, twigs, wire, what ever you want to put into the pumpkin for the stem. Hot glue them in or stitch them on if possible.
  11. Add any thing decorative that you would like to make them yours.Heres is few photos of mine that I have made. I love them more each time I make them. Again I have pumpkin issues. Happy DIY’ing. You got this.

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