1 or 2, 1 or 2

I feel like I’m getting my eyes checked. 1 or 2? Nope I made another sign for someone.

I am learning as I go, I have never ran a business and or made things for people unless you count gifts. Lets just say when someone receives a hand made gift I have never had them ask me to change it, or say it’s not like the photo. This has been the week to learn for me. Lots of learning and lots of pain. So here is my advice thus far.

  1. Never under charge for your time and work no matter if the person points out they can get it cheaper else where. Let them go. They are most likely looking for cheap and not quality.
  2. I am VINTAGE it says so in my name “Vintage City Farmhouse” and you would think that would explain my style a bit,  but I have to reiterate the point constantly so people understand what I make will not look like a brand spanking new sign and has the vintage look and feel.
  3. Tell your potential costumer you will get as close as I can to the image they selected but it WILL NOT be exactly like the photo of another persons work. Reiterate this a lot as well.
  4. There will always be that client that wants to change it after you are done. Change it in a way that was NEVER discussed before starting or during the project that is now impossible.
  5. There will always be the customer that wants you to lower your price after the item is done or that person will want you to do more than was originally discussed.
  6. oh and my personal favorite. Can you just deliver it for me? Im to busy to pick up.


Again this has been that week.  My hope for you my fellow DIY’ers is I hope you don’t find all these people in the same week or all rolled into one. Good luck and happy DIY’ing.

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