SO it happened

I went to my little craft fair that was at an elementary school. My booth cost a whooping $10. Needless to say I was completely prepared. Signs ready, photos ready, car packed and leaving when it happened. (I was sharing a booth with a friend. Emphasis on “was”) Anywho, she let me know 45 minutes before we were to be there that she wasn’t going to make it. She had taught art classes that day and by the time she was done she had a migraine and she was done with school. LOL! I can’t blame her.

At that point I was a bit nervous. My daughter volunteered to come with me to help me and thank goodness she did, I wouldn’t of made it through the 2 hour show without her.

So this wasn’t just a little craft fair, it was also a school function for Halloween. So we were giving out candy, there was pizza, snow cones and all sorts of yummy sticky sweets. Kids and adults were everywhere all dressed up for the fun. Meandering around going booth to booth looking at everyones goods and collecting candy.

As i was watching kids run around (literally run around my booth and others), I started pushing everything back on my table. My daughter and I were catching items as children and adults tried to squeeze between tables instead of going around. Children covered in yummy sweets touching and picking up every single thing. Parents yelling don’t touch as the child puts it down to only pick up another. For 2 solid hours. (Now I love children, I do, I have 4 of my own. I know they they get sticky and smelly, and slimy. However most of these children had no MANNERS. A lot of them were old enough to know better). There were a few very sweet children that used manners and talked to the adults running the booth that made up for it though.

However it happened. One young teen ran between the booths and dragged her hand along my items, and whoosh, just like that one of my arrows went flying. Needless to say it didn’t stay airborne long not being an made as a proper arrow should. It did land tip down like an arrow should though. The sound echoed through the cafe, the arrow broke into 4 different pieces. The child continued running and the lady in the booth next to me seemed to need to confirm to me it was broken. LMBO!

As I was saying earlier, the booth cost me $ 10, and one broken arrow and that was all that I got. NOT ONE SALE. Not that I expected any really. I am grateful my daughter went with my not only to juggle my items but to keep here mom company, we laughed and despite the broken item we had a really good time together.  On a side note, no one there sold anything. I did get a lot moms onto my Facebook and IG page so hopefully I get some business from that. It was the experience though.

So DIY’ers, don’t be afraid to fail. It will happen. Just roll with it and then move on. Thats what I intend to do. Here is our set up photo with my lovely sidekick.

Making myself Sick

No it’s not some weird DIY on how to get sick. We have been super busy here and had an illness run though as well. The husband was traveling and I was juggling being a taxi for the kids for school, music lessons and sports, then this last weekend we had a soccer tournament. Talk about heat exhaustion. So if that wasn’t fun enough through in a few sick kids. So I have literally got nothing done in the last week.

To be honest I am super nervous now too. I have my very first craft fair this week. Nothing huge it’s just a school thing but still. It’s MY FIRST CRAFTING BOOTH! Did I mention I got nothing for it. Scotts been in the garage all day cutting wood for me to do my thing. I was laying on the couch all day with a migraine and upset stomach. I am hoping this bug is a quick thing like it was for the kids.

I have been working on a list of crafts to make. So I can hopefully get some orders as well. I feel like Santa with my list some days. I am a list person. I carry a notebook with me. I love writing and I love list…almost as much as pumpkins. I get the list making from my dad too. He was always having me write up list for him when he was working and I was spending the day with him. Grocery list, work list, to do list at home, to do list at the shop, ect… Now I have my  own list. Lots of them My grocery list, my- I want to make list, I need to make, home improvement ideas, gift ideas, and on and on.  Seriously pages of list but I love checking things off. I may be a bit OCD.

So laying on the couch is getting my no where today. This week is crammed with things that need to be done before Friday (according to all my list) not including the craft fair items.  So I am stressed a little, sick a little, a little nervous and exhausted just from last week.

I hate wishing a day away. Even if it is a bad day. Seriously though I am looking forward to Saturday being here and having a little down time. Hopefully everyone is feeling good by then, self included.

So if I am missing for a little while I apologize. I will get back to the DIY here. I promise. Hopefully with a lot of good news from the craft fair. I’m off. Wish my luck and happy DIY’ing.


It’s all about showing love. Being in Arizona now for a while we have learned it is a very proud state. People are proud to live here, work here, be born and raised here and be transplanted here. So this weeks project is “home is where your heart is”. Showing my state Arizona some love. 

String art…well I love it, it’s a fun DIY.

Creative Space

I’m not talking about the area where I do my crafts and projects. My favorite space in my home is actually outside on my patio when it is cool. The curtains block the sun from blinding me and allow me to sit her with and blog or Pinterest. In the evenings it’s where we gather to chat. The kids love it out here. We play games, listen to music and laugh. Sometimes my husband and I come out here for a little us time. We have strung up beer garden lights that my husband found on sale at Ace Hardware a few years ago. The wicker furniture was a bonus/gift from my husbands work. So really this area was very inexpensive to set up. Wicker furniture can be expensive but I really suggest craigslist and yard sales if that is what you want. The pillows were World Market from this last summers sale and  I also had a birthday coupon for so less than $12 for the 2. My youngest loves tic, tac, toe so I made a permanent piece to eliminate paper being left outside floating around or having the dog eat it. The curtains were cheap bedsheets that are using shower clips all from Target. Less than $40 and the rod is painted and something extra we had lying around.

I bought cheap sheets instead of outdoor curtains and blinds for several reasons. We live in Arizona where there weather if very brutal believe it or not. Out door fabric fades much faster here in the sun that anywhere I have ever been. It just can’t hold up more that 2 years from our experience. So why spend that much money? The blinds turn into shards everywhere between the sun eating the material and the wind destroying them. I have seen that first hand. Anything to heavy hanging would probably get ripped off the walls and leave a big holes in my stucco. The sheets can be tied back very easily as they are  super light so if we forget the most likely won’t cause the damage the heavier fabric could in the wind. Yes they fade quickly but I plan on replacing them probably yearly. Thats fine. They are cheap and and can switch up the colors easier if I get bored of teals. Mostly they are light enough to let the breeze come through.

Now for Tic, Tac, Toe. DIY! Its so easy. Wood bought at JoAnnes. Already owned paint. Cost me $5. Its funny because so far everyone has enjoyed playing it even though we know when we start it will end a Cats Game.

Reversible! 2 in 1

Now I know if you Pinterest and you have ended up here at my blog you have seen these signs. Cuts down on storage space of a sign this size when it’s a two in one. It’s cute and fun. This is one I was commissioned to make. If you have a way to cut a stencil then it’s pretty simple to make and inexpensive as opposed to buying them. My signs are painted, not vinyl. However again, I do use a stencil. 

Material needed 

1 -1/2x 10×48


Paint brush

Paint (you can choose your own colors, I used red, white, orange, brown)

350 grit sand paper

Hot glue gun

Burlap and any other decorative pieces you would like to add.

Post It Here…

Or there. Or anywhere you want. This post is movable has been a great thing in our home and out. We use one for indoor wreaths and holiday decor. It was originally made to be our Christmas stocking holder since we don’t have a fireplace or mantel since we moved here. 

Easy to make. 1 4×4 cut to what ever height you prefer. 2 square 6x6x1/2 and 2 8x8x1/2 for the top and bottom. Or if you prefer you can get a more decorative top and bottom at a hard ware store like Home Depot. Screw together, slap on some paint or stain and as many hooks as you would like to put on it. Here are ours.