SO it happened

I went to my little craft fair that was at an elementary school. My booth cost a whooping $10. Needless to say I was completely prepared. Signs ready, photos ready, car packed and leaving when it happened. (I was sharing a booth with a friend. Emphasis on "was") Anywho, she let me know 45 minutes … Continue reading SO it happened


Making myself Sick

No it's not some weird DIY on how to get sick. We have been super busy here and had an illness run though as well. The husband was traveling and I was juggling being a taxi for the kids for school, music lessons and sports, then this last weekend we had a soccer tournament. Talk … Continue reading Making myself Sick

String Art Monograms

My fingers are raw and bruised from grabbing tiny nails. I am grateful though I didn't bang one finger with a hammer. String art monograms ready to go. Not a difficult project but time consuming. Love how they turned out.



It's all about showing love. Being in Arizona now for a while we have learned it is a very proud state. People are proud to live here, work here, be born and raised here and be transplanted here. So this weeks project is "home is where your heart is". Showing my state Arizona some love.  … Continue reading Love


Creative Space

I'm not talking about the area where I do my crafts and projects. My favorite space in my home is actually outside on my patio when it is cool. The curtains block the sun from blinding me and allow me to sit her with and blog or Pinterest. In the evenings it's where we gather … Continue reading Creative Space


Reversible! 2 in 1

Now I know if you Pinterest and you have ended up here at my blog you have seen these signs. Cuts down on storage space of a sign this size when it's a two in one. It's cute and fun. This is one I was commissioned to make. If you have a way to cut … Continue reading Reversible! 2 in 1


Post It Here…

Or there. Or anywhere you want. This post is movable has been a great thing in our home and out. We use one for indoor wreaths and holiday decor. It was originally made to be our Christmas stocking holder since we don't have a fireplace or mantel since we moved here.  Easy to make. 1 … Continue reading Post It Here…