a Growing Family

     Today I was in tears. My family is growing. When I finished my project it was exactly what our growing family needed. No we aren’t having another baby. I made a growth chart. One that I can cherish forever.

     When we moved from our home in Wisconsin I left behind a section of wall that meant the world to me. It had my kids growth chart from the 9 years we were there. When we did our last walk through I realized I didn’t have any of the information. I cried. A picture would not be helpful. It was a wall with lines, names and dates. 

Flash forward to last Christmas. Our tenant that is renting the house sent me an excel file that had all the measurements, names and dates. He must of spent hours on it. Again tears, but tears of joy. Today I finally made and hung the wall chart. All that’s needed is adding the information he sent me. Again more tears.

     It was hung in the loft where the kids spend a lot of time with friends, watching tv and gaming. I will eventually finish the area with some black and white canvases of the kids on the wall. 

     I think my heart just sighed…

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