Long Weekend projects

So this weekend was a long weekend with the kids and school and I honestly thought I would get a lot of my DIY’s done… but Scott ended up having to leave a day early for his trip to Germany. (Remember I told you he travels for work a lot) So I didn’t get done what I wanted, but if I am honest with my self I did finish a lot of other things.

This weekends DIY were simply to repaint a few pieces, and it was so blasted hot outside I ended up throwing down a painters tarp and doing the majority in my living room. Which worked out well because the pieces were in the living room.

So the tall wood rack we bought at IKEA about 10 years ago. It has been inside, outside, and repainted more times than I can count, it’s warped, ugly and I really do like it. The entertainment dresser (is that what that is called?) any who, we bought that when we got to Arizona about 5 years ago in the panic of “our move is over and we have no furniture!” This piece was a cute piece but it was black and for some unknown reason it was always full of static electricity. Yeah, weird I know. Anything that would pass by or float in the air would stick to it. (memo to self- google it and find out what causes that.)  I noticed it when we first purchased it. I thought maybe it had to do with packing, but nope. Now that it’s painted it seems to have coated over whatever was causing it. So thats a bonus to it just looking super shabby-chic.

The old rack my daddy gave to us. Told me to make it into something I would use.

So more Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Pure White. And one can of Satin white spray paint.


Maybe next weekend is another long weekend. Maybe I’ll get to the other DIY’s then.


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